History of PFPD

In the Beginning

The Park Forest Police Department was created in 1949. The original police department consisted of a director of police and four patrol officers.

 Early Days

In the early days, radio dispatch was uncommon. Call boxes were located throughout the village, and dispatchers would illuminate a call box so that officers would know they had a call for service. The officers would then use a telephone at the call box to contact the police station to learn the details of the call for service.

 Modern Policing

The Park Forest Police Department kept current with trends in modern policing, and this meant adding radios and eventually mobile data terminals (in-car computers) to make communicating easier. It also meant the eventual conversion from revolvers to semi-automatic hand guns. Uniforms also transitioned, from cowboy hats in the 1950s, to Chicago-style five star caps in the 1980s.


Today, just over 40 sworn Park Forest police officers use 800 MHz digital radios, touch screen lap-tops, carry .40 caliber Glocks and video-enabled tasers, and have the option to wear baseball-style embroidered caps.